What’s the Deal with Comedy Central?

A lot of people have been asking me…Suzelle!? What’s happening with Comedy Central? When is it on? I can’t see it? Did I miss it? Wat die f*k?

So guys, just to be clear as crystals… here are your FAQs answered!


Is it a brand new Suzelle Show?

No guys. Comedy Central is now screening the most popular Suzelle DIY episodes from my YouTube. Which is still really amazing for me because it’s quite a big deal for a TV channel to show my videos! It also means a whole new audience will be able to see and love Suzelle DIY. Some people out there don’t even know how to make a braai pie!


Why can’t I find it in the TV Guide?

I don’t know guys. I think its because the episodes are short.


So then what time can I see you Suzelle? On what channel?

The episodes screen at 8:05 every weekday evening on channel 122 on DSTV. Me and Marianne watch them every night. It’s so amazing to see ourselves on the silver screen!


Does this mean your videos won’t be on YouTube anymore?

No silly billies! All my videos can still be accessed for free as much as you like on YouTube. You can also go to suzellediy.com where all my videos are available on a nice colourful creative website. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified as soon a new video is available online.


Will you still make new videos for YouTube?

Oh yes! Lots. I’ve been doing some very wild and creative things lately and I can’t wait to post the videos online. Like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram for all updates and other funny bits and pieces.


When will you have your own TV show Suzelle?

Not yet guys! It just takes a lot of money and time to make things for TV. But there will definitely still be Suzelle DIY on Comedy Central and YouTube and there are many other exciting projects coming up.Shhhhhh. I will keep you posted!


Okie dokie guys! I hope this clears things up a bit. Keep up the creativity!