Winter Hacks!

Winter is coming guys, I can already feel the chill. My feet are so so so cold and Marianne’s been sneezing all week. Shame. But you know what, I don’t hate winter hey, I actually love it. Because why? I love getting all snuggly and cosy and staying inside and watching movies.

That is why today I am going to share some hacks to keep you comfy and cosy this winter!

You will need:

  • Some wooden planks, cut to size and painted    
  • A pair of nice warm socks
  • A needle and thread
  • two jar lids
  • Your favourite tea time rusks
  • A nice big jar
  • Some balloons
  • Oven mitts
  • elastic
  • A flask
  • Stretchy springy bungey key rings
  • A blanket

Your couch is your best friend in winter, and once you’re cuddled up and warm it’s the WORST to have to get up to make a tea or fetch a rusk. Enter the couch caddy!

Let’s go!

Start by measuring the arm of your couch, measure the 2 sides and the width of the arm.

Cut three pieces of wood to fit around the arm, this will depend on your couch. The piece that will go on the outside of the couch can be a a bit longer to keep the caddy securely on your couch.

Glue the three pieces of wood together to make a U shape and secure with some screws. 

Connect two smaller pieces of wood together with a bracket to create a little shelf, and add a thin pieces to create a lip at the end of your shelf.   

Secure the shelf to the front of your caddy. 

There’s it! Your Caddy is almost done. This will slot onto the arm of your couch and create a cute little table so you don’t have to reach forward to get your tea (irritating). But we’re not finished yet, let’s modify it!

Start by attaching your oven mitts to the longer side of the caddy, this is clever storage for your remotes or a magazine. 

Secure some elastic to the short side of the caddy to create a place to hold your phone or some pens.

Glue the lids onto the top of the caddy to create cup holders. 

Cut the legs and tops off your balloons, attach them to your bungie key-rings and then loop the balloons around your remotes. Then attach the key-rings to the caddy so you’ll never lose your remotes again! 

Fit your caddy onto your couch arm, and there’s it!

Hack 2: DIY blanket shrug

Here’s an easy way to stay warm but also look cool and fashionable. A DIY blanket shrug!  It’s like a poncho but better.

  1. Lay your blanket flat and fold the top right and the bottom right hand corner inward to meet each other.  
  2. Sew the two corners together and along the edges where they meet.
  3. Don’t sew all the way to the end, leave space for an arm hole.
  4. Do the same to the left hand side corners.

There’s it! Sew sew sew stunning! Practical and fashionable.

Hack 3: DIY Happy Hugger!

Take your first sock and pop it in the jar, pour in a bit of rice and do the same to the other sock.

Then sew the two socks together.

You can decorate it with felt and a glue gun. I made one into a cute little Kitty.

Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and there’s it!

And there you have it. Some cosy ways to keep you snug this winter. DIY? Because anybody can.