Pom Pom hacks!

Is your life feeling a bit drape? Well, I have the perfect solution, pom poms! They’re so cute and fluffy and they’re very on trend atm (trust me I know). So let’s pump up the pom pom party with these easy hacks!

You will need:

  • Wool
  • Fork 
  • X2 toilet rolls
  • Scissors
  • And the legs of a chair

1) Large Pom poms:

1. Start by wrapping wool around two toilet rolls. Weave a piece of wool around the wool, where the two rolls meet.

2. Tie a knot and then pull the rolls out.

3. Now tie the knot as tight as possible, making a double knot to secure it.

4. Snip through the gathered loops and trim your pom pom into an even circular shape.

2) Small pom poms

1. Wrap wool around a fork. 

2. Weave a piece of wool through the gap between the 2nd and the 3rd prong of the fork.

3. Tie a knot and then remove the wool from the fork. Tie the knot tighter, and then another knot to secure it.

4. Trim your pom-pom. There’s it!

3) Multiple pom-poms

1. Wind your wool around the hula hoop.

2. Tie knots at equal points across the gathered wool.

3. Now you can begin cutting! Cut in between each knot, and carefully cut the wool off the hula hoop.

4. Trim each pom pom into a circular shape. Its a pom pom party!

There are so many exciting things you can do with your pom poms, you can turn a boring drab cushion into a vibrant stunning cushion!

I made this cute keyring:

You can make a pom pom book mark with some masking tape and a pom pom.

But my favourite pom pom DIY is a pom pom carpet!

1. Start by cutting a non slip floor mat into any shape, I chose a circle.

2. Thread the tails of your pom poms through the little holes in the non slip mat, and tie them in a knot of the other side. 

3. Keep going!  

There’s it!

DIY? Because anybody can juj up their life with pom poms!