How to make Flower Crowns

I’m so excited because this episode is dedicated to Garden Day. What is Garden Day? It’s a day to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden! And for my Garden Day celebration, I am going to wear a flower crown (because I’m a queen, and I’m very on vogue)!

You will need:

  • Flowers and foliage from your garden (or your neighbour’s garden)
  • A craft knife
  • Raffia
  • Thin wire
  • An alice band
  • Florist’s tape

First things first you need to pick your flowers and greenery. Pop them in some water to keep them fresh while you’re making your crowns.

Crown 1:
1. Start by making a small slit in the stem of a flower.

2. Thread the stem of another flower through the slit, and then make a slit in that flower’s stem and thread the stem of another flower through it.

3. Continue to do this until you have a flower chain that is long enough to fit around your head.

4. To finish the crown off, thread the last flower’s stem through the first flower’s stem, and then thread another flower through the last flower’s stem to create a little stopper.

Crown 2:

1. Take a few pieces of raffia and plait them together, make sure the plait is long enough to fit around your head. Leave some loose ends of the raffia at each end, you can use these to tie a bow with and to secure the crown onto your head.

2. Thread the stems of your fresh flowers and foliage through the plait.

3. There’s it! Very festival chic.

Crown 3:

1. Group your flowers into small posies and join them together using florist tape.

2. Attach the posies onto an alice band with florist’s wire, cable ties or tape.

Crown 4:
This is my piece of resistance and is sure to impress everyone at your garden party!

1. Take a pot scourer and stretch it until it is wide enough to sit on your head.

2. Thread in your flowers and leaves into the little holes of the scourer and voila!

There’s it! Four easy ways to make a festive flower crown! Try it, I feel so regal when I wear mine.

This 15th of October invite your neighbours, family & friends and throw a little party in your own garden to celebrate Garden Day! You could even make a few flower crowns for your guests as gifts 🙂 or teach them how to make their own.

D-I-Y because anybody can wear a flower crown and feel like a queen this Garden Day!