How to Make-over your Sofa

I have a new studio and I’m so excited! Maybe you also want to give your space a little sprucing up. Maybe you are sick of your couch and you want to recover it, but you can’t because it’s so expensive and you’re not a upholsterer.

That is why I am going to show you how to make-over your Sofa with PAINT! That’s right guys, you can actually just paint your sofa a new colour using normal paint!

You will need:
Pva paint
A glass Kontainer
Water spray bottle
Fine grit sandpaper
Drop cloth
Painter’s tape
And an old sofa and rug

Sofa Make-over:

  1. Start by masking out and protecting the wooden parts of your sofa with painters tape.
  2. Mix you paint with water. The paint must be very thin and watery so that it is like a dye, dyeing the fabric. This will help keep the sofa soft.
  3. Lightly spray your fabric to make it damp.
  4. Start painting the first coat, I used a brush so I could get in all the little cracks and corners.
  5. After the first coat let it dry for 24 hours.
  6. Once the paint has dried, give the sofa a light sanding with your sandpaper to soften it and vacuum up the excess dust.
  7. Do the same process 2 or 3 more times, remember to sand and vacuum in between each coat.
  8. You’ll probably need to do about 3 or 4 coats depending on how the paint works with your fabric. There’s it!

Now because I’ve been away for so long I’ve got a bonus hack for you. Did you know that you can make your own stunning rugs using the same techniques, it’s so easy!

DIY rug:

  1. Mark out your geometric patterns with a really good masking tape or if you’re feeling creative you can use different shaped stickers (Geometrics are trending right now). Tower stickers are also the best 🙂
  2. Make sure you take your time pressing along the edges of your stickers for perfectly clean lines,
  3. We are ready to paint!
  4. Once the paint has dried you can remove the stickers. There’s it, gorgeous!

Bye! x