How to make a Spectacular Dessert Christmas Tree

A lot of people ask me…Suzelle!? How do I please everyone at the Christmas party when your guests have different tastes and personalities?

Well here’s my recipe for a spectacular dessert Christmas tree. What is it? It is many different sweet treats piled high into a gorgeous, attractive christmas tree shape. It will be the talk on the town! And be perfect for your Christmas feast.

You will need:

Rice Crispies
A pot

A selection of desserts and sweet treats:

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate
strawberries dipped in chocolate
Nougat pieces
little brownie squares
cake pops
small christmas cakes/mince pies

a packet or cling wrap

and finally a traffic cone (or you can just use anything else that is in the shape of a cone)

Start by making your rice crispy treat mixture. This is going to form the back bone of our sweety structure. Mix 2 boxes rice crispies with 2 packets marshmallows and 200 grams of butter. Melt it and mix it all together.

Line your cone with a packet or cling wrap and pour in your mixture. Pack it in there and wait for it to set.

Place your rice crispy cone on a nice plate or cake stand and now for the fun part! We assemble our tree.

Enjoy! x