How to Make a Copper Pipe Coffee Table

I know what you are thinking. Suzelle how do you manage to keep up with all the trends? How do you keep your home looking current and cool without breaking the banks.

That is why I am going to show you how to Make a Kopper Pipe Koffee Table (Out of Konduit pipe)

You will need :
3 lengths of konduit
1 tray
A pipe cutter or a hacksaw
Bracket thingies
Spray paint
a glue gun

  1. Cut your conduit into 3 x 30cm lengths and 9 x 45cm lengths.
  2. Sand the poles and the tray with the sand paper. This is so the spray paint will stick to the plastic.
  3. Spray your poles. I’m using copper for the legs and the a mix of pink, blue and yellow for the top.
  4. Now for the top. I’m going to make a geometric pattern using masking tape, because it’s very in vogue.
  5. Tie your smallest pieces together to make a small triangle using elastic.
  6. Then tie three big pieces to make a big triangle.
  7. Now we make three more triangles around it using the other pieces.
    It should look like four triangles in one.
  8. Attach the points of the big triangle to the points of the smaller triangle. If you have trouble getting the elastic through. You can use a knitting needle or whatever to thread it through the konduit.
  9. Make your legs more secure by putting in extra elastic in different routes.
  10. Finish off the legs by tying little knots at all the joints.
  11. Attach your legs to the table with a bracket and a glue gun.

And there you have it a gorgeous side table to make your friends jealous.