How to be Water Wise, Guys

Hi Guys!

Saving water is VERY important! Because why? Water is precious and life giving! The average South African household uses on average 250 LITRES EVERY DAY! So much water being wasted into the drains! I’m in shock. That is why I’m sharing my tips on how to be water wise.

  1. First things first your bucket is your best friend. Well actually it’s my second best friend because I do have a real best friend, her name’s Marianne. So what are we gonna do with this bucket? Everytime you shower you take it with you so while you are waiting for the water to heat up you pop the bucket into the shower and catch all the water that would otherwise be wasted down the drains. And while you shower, just leave it in there! It will collect the water!
  2. Use a 3 minute timer to make sure that you have short showers!
  3. With all the water you save from the shower you can put it in the toilet to flush instead of using fresh water, or you can use it to water your plants.
  4. You can also save water by collecting the leftover glasses of water lying around the house or those empty bottles of water that are rolling around your car?
  5. Pop a bottle of water into your toilet cistern so that you use less water when you flush. Water displaces. Science.
  6. Ensure washing machines or dishwashers have a full load before running them.
  7. Close the tap when brushing your teeth, this saves up to 20 litres per month. You can also use a mug of water to rinse your toothbrush.
  8. If you’re going to water your garden remember to water it at night or early in the morning.

And there you have it. Some tips and tricks to save water because it’s a drought and we all need to make an effort to make a difference.