How to Arty your Party!

It’s my favorite time of year because why? It is the festive season and I just love to entertain. It’s really my favourite thing to do!

So here are some tips and tricks to spice up your your end of year party.

  • You will need:
  • Balloons
  • some colourful wrapping paper
  • String
  • Napkins
  • A dal stick
  • x2 energy drink bottle lids
  • Stickers!

Stick stickers on your balloons to shuzz them up! Polka-dots are cute! You can also make letters with the stickers to spell out any word, I’m writing PARTY!


Easy bunting:

Stick stickers to a piece of string by fold them in half to create cute little bunting flags, or stick them to each other to create circular patterns. So simple. So effective people.

DIY Cups!

Decorate glass jars with stickers to use as cups! You can also create name tags by sticking little flags onto paper straws. It’s so cute! Your guests will know where to sit and you won’t lose your drink.

Creative serviette folding:

Christmas Tree

  1. Fold your serviette in half with the open points facing toward the top.
  2. Fold the first flap down toward the bottom point.
  3. Fold the next flap down over first, letting a little fabric show in between layers.
  4. Continue with remaining napkin folds.
  5. Turn the serviette over and fold the bottom to corners together and secure with a sticker. 
  6. Turn the serviette back around and fold each flap under itself.
  7. Once every layer has been folded add a star to the top and stickers for decorations!
  8. Prop it up on your plate. There’s it!

Creative wrapping

Here are some easy hacks to take your present wrapping to the next level!

Wrap bunting around your present!

Wrap ribbon or string around your present, and secure it with stickers to create little fairy lights.

Stick stickers on your wrapping paper to create an interesting pattern.

Look at this! Toilet rolls make great packaging.

Christmas Tree Centrepiece!

  1. Start by cutting small grooves into  a paper cake tray. This will be the base of the tree.
  2. Stick your one energy drink bottle top into the base.
  3. Secure your dowel stick into the bottle top with some glue.
  4. Make small grooves in the other energy drink bottle top, and attach it to the top of the dowel stick.
  5. Start weaving your string from the base to the top, keep going until you have created a woven cone shape.
  6. Now for the decorating! Start sticking stickers onto the string.
  7. I’ve made a small paper cone to pop on the top of my tree.
  8. Add a star to the top!

There’s it! Your christmas tree centrepiece! Veeeeery impressive.

And there you have it! The smartest artiest party in town. Your friends are going to be so impressed. DIY? Because and PARTY can!