DIY Bunny Cake

Hi guys!

I’m so eggcited about Easter and I made a special bunny cake to celebrate! It’s a special “pull apart cake” made out of cupcakes. Here’s my recipe on how to make it:


You will need:

18 Cupcakes

White icing

Pink icing

Icing tool tip

Piping bag or a ziplockie

Sweeties and chocolates





  1. Start by hollowing out the cupcakes with your icing tip.
  2. Pop your sweeties and chocolates inside the cupcake and put the lid of the cupcake back on.
  3. Mix together your butter and icing sugar to make your icing. To make white icing I used white margarine. Add a tiny bit of red food colouring to a bit of your white icing to make pink icing.
  4. Lay out your cupcakes in the shape of your bunny.
  5. Ice the cupcakes with the white icing.
  6. Pipe pink icing onto the inside of each ear.
  7. Cut up some liquorice to make the eyes and nose of the bunny, oulik!
  8. And lastly, use some smarties to make a hair flower for your bunny.
  9. Serve the cake and enjoy!


DIY because any bunny can!