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(Because alot of people ask me)


What’s the deal with your new TV Show?

Guys, I'm VERY excited about Comedy Central! They will be showing my Top 20 DIY Episodes every weekday at 20:05 starting on the 2nd of May.

Suzelle, where is Mr DIY?

I don't need a Mr DIY! Well to be true, I don't really have time for romance at the moment. But I do have my eye on someone...

Suzelle, how do we get a hold of you?

Sjoe guys! I am getting a lot of questions and emails these days but if you email I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Did Marianne name Bakkies after the rugby player?

The answer is yes. Marianne loves rugby.

Did you win that guy’s heart from the Valentine’s Day video?

The answer is no.

Did Tim Noakes eat the koeksister?

We didn't get him to eat it in the end, he's very strict about not eating carbonhydrates. Shame.

What’s your favourite colour?

My first favourite colour is pink, my second favourite colour is purple and my third favourite colour is gold. PS I also love leopard print.

Where can we get the book?

You can get it NOW at my online shop! Click it. Do it.

Suzelle, why did you sell out to brands?

Well a girl's got to eat! Just jokes. The brands and sponsored episodes allow me to make even better videos for you guys. I'm also very careful to make sure that I pick the best guys to work with who just want me to be me.

Suzelle, why did you start your own DIY show?

It was always my dream to have my own DIY show as I wanted to use my creativity to help people and make new friends.

A special thanks to my best friends